Work from Home & The new Rich

Work from home, Living in India and being part of the corporate culture, I could never imagine being able to work from home.

Also, I never thought of what I will do if a pandemic like this comes along all of sudden and I lose my job!

” World is at home”

I know, while being stuck in heavy traffic, we all have thought about possibilities of working from home but I am sure none of us really thought about this pandemic scenario.

However, we are already part of this situation now and we have to figure out ways to survive.

After, a long long time ‘ Nature’ is throwing back to us a very old rule   “Survival of the fittest “, I want to add a little to this rule “Survival of the fittest & smartest”

Today, everyone is talking about either job security or a scenario where there is no job!

This is a tough situation and for most of us saving our job is going to be as difficult as fighting with the virus. So, in an attempt to try to keep myself       away from this fear I turned to my bookshelf and co-incidentally happened to select this amazing book on “Work” “ Time” and ” Life”.

Couple of years back, I came across a book called ‘ The 4 Hour work week’ by Tim Ferriss. This book has been translated in nearly 35 languages. Each time, when Tim publishes a new edition of this book it contains nearly 100 pages of new content of real world success stories chosen from more than 400 pages of case studies submitted by readers.

His “lifestyle design blog” ( was lunched alongside this book and within six months it became one of the top 1000 blogs in the world, out of more than 120 million blogs!,

When the once considered “safe options” are failing today, Tim’s ideology of retirements planning & definition of “The New rich” are very interesting concepts.

Tim says, “The New rich are those who abandon the deferred-life plan. They create luxury lifestyle in the present using the “currency” of new rich: “time & mobility”. This is an art and a science; we will refer to as lifestyle Design.

From Multi stage career planning to a new age retirement and how relative income is more important than absolute income to working from home. There are many interesting topics to be explored in this book to understand Tim Ferris’s approach towards ” Lifestyle design”.

“Working for More”

Tim say “Money is multiplied in practical value depending upon the number of “W“s you control in your life.

What you do, When you do it, Where you do it, and with whom you do it.” He calls it “freedom multiplier”

The ability to choose is the real power and this book talks about creating options with least efforts, time & cost. The new Rich creates more money by doing half of what you are doing right now.

In this book, there are many blueprints for you to follow from the experiences earlier readers. You can read about their understanding of “time management”, ” work from home or anywhere” and “earning more”.

Who knows you might become part of those new pages in every edition of this book.

Maybe, I need to read this book again to be part of the new rich gang. I am going to start reading this book again , as I think it is very important in the current scenario and I recommend you to click on following link & start reading too!

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