Love in the time of Corona

As everything shuts down and I can’t go out, I fight against despair. So I close my eyes and make a wish, and lo and behold ! Who comes to my rescue? None other than Mother Nature. She sends her army of colors and chirrups and convivial hosts. So I open my heart and I am swept into her arms.

Please give me the strength to revere and love you even when I am lost in fighting the battle of life.  

Love in the time of Corona

“As we stopped dead in the tracks,
the Earth promptly came alive.
When we took the time to look,
the nature was thrilled and began to thrive.
Birds found their dulcet voice.
Flamboyant butterflies flitted around.
As the flowers donned their florid garb,
the breeze carried their scent abound.
And the sky blushed golden blue again.
The sun shone with renewed ardor.
When the night fell and the crickets sang,
the fireflies flickered to dance with the stars.
As the frenzy stills and gathers peace,
and we can hear our thoughts and reflect.
Let us come home to our souls,
and fill the void left by greed unchecked.
So as we stopped dead in the tracks,
and as the Earth promptly came alive,
let us take this time to look,
how we can together live and thrive.”

~ Bidisha Paul

Bidisha  Paul
Bidisha Paul

She has majored in Psychology from Delhi University. After that she went on to do her masters in Fashion technology and is currently working with the Retail industry.  A corporate bird humming a song of the Elysian world. Arduous to not let them trample on your dreams over and over!
This is a little endeavor of hers to keep watering her garden of imagination and nurture them till they grow wings and soar into the big blue sky. 

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