David & Covid

Some people are saying Covid will be here for at least 2 years, in many ways mostly it’s only an assumption.
Possibly, Covid is here to stay and it’s going to change David’s life forever.

David is a common man trying to survive while dreaming of a better tomorrow in Mumbai.
Before Covid, He was living a normal life according to him and he had no time or interest to look around at what was going wrong in society.

He, also had no time to spend with his family, but he was happy with a dream of tomorrow. A dream, in which he had his own house and a relaxed life with his wife when he gets old. It was obvious to assume that by then his children will be settled in life to take care of their future.

He is a common a man living in any commercial city in the world, no different than me or you. No matter, what is your professional position in life, we all are living a similar life.
Except, that some of us are lucky to have the privilege of spending some part of our life the way we want, probably once in a year. Perhaps, only when we take a holiday.

Although, it sounds so regular the fact is, we get to live life the way we want only when we do something different than our regular way of living life !

Few months back, David’s normal life was shattered by an unknown calamity called Covid19, just like all of us.

Perhaps, first time in recorded history, there is an event which might change, how the entire world operates in similar manner. As, first time the entire human race is facing exactly same problem together. It doesn’t make much difference if you are a developed or a developing nation.

Unlike other calamities, Covid will possibly make major changes in our life together. It can change how the majority of the world operates.

Today, We will look at some changes which could change our life forever, after Covid is gone or even if he becomes part of our life.

Food : Very first news that we heard about this virus was, it started from a meat market in Wuhan, China and it is transmitted to humans from animals. Obviously, as a precaution many have stopped eating non vegetarian food.

Also, due to major lockdown across the world supply is limited and many have turned to homemade vegetarian food for the last month or two. As we know, eating vegetarian food has health benifits and it also helps in improving immunity. A lot of us who have already experienced it’s benifits, will lead our life in healthier a way.

Many animals will live their lives peacefully, as less animals will get killed, nature will recover even more. But, the meat industry might face reduction in demand. However, possibly demand in Vegetable supply will increase and farmers might stop suffering finally. It will also be an opportunity for many to turn towards a profitable agricultural ventures. To some extent, change in food habits will take us towards, a healthier society.

Hygiene : As we still don’t have a Vaccine for Covid and this virus spreads via surfaces, very first safety major given by WHO was to maintain hygiene. Across the world many of us have moved one step ahead of our previous hygiene standard. This is reflecting in almost all businesses as well as every possible human interaction.

Covid is definitely making us hygiene conscious, which is again a good change. This will obviously increase the demand of cleaning products and services and it will open opportunities for many.
Hygiene as a demand will make every corner of a society a supplier, unknowingly we are definitely moving towards betterment.

Environment: As we have already seen impact of less vehicles on the roads and how in quick time, our environment is getting better day by day. While, many huge projects working for this cause were not as effective, lockdown is proving to be a strong solution.

We can relate it to benifits we humans get from fasting. The way regular fasting helps our body in self healing and we get better health, having regular short lockdowns in future might help maintaining air quality of earth by giving time for self healing to environment.

Having self monitored lockdown for just 1 weekend every month will change the way we breath rest of the month and future generations will get a liveable environment.
For a long time one question was troubling many of us, what kind of environment are we leaving for our future generations? This might just be the answer.
Just two weekends in month are almost equal to a month in relation to the year ( 24 days), Little we know that this short lockdown every month will reduce demand of fuel to a certain extent and that might have an impact on its cost. Which will reflect on almost every industry.

Work culture: As we have restrictions on travel now, many companies have started operating with Work from home module as there was no option left.
Perhaps Many of us, always wanted to work from home. But, currently it doesn’t seem that great to many, as they are realising working hours are drastically increased even in a scenario of relatively less demand. But eventually, we will learn to systemise our work and this will prove to be beneficial.

It is evident that work from home is possible for many functions of the companies and companies have realized that it will reduce the requirement of investment in office infrastructure. Many companies will use this opportunity to expand their businesses with the current set of infrastructure.

Before Covid, Co working spaces were already changing the way we operate offices and we all know that little change in thinking can be proved to be very innovative in terms of productivity as well as cost.
With increase in work from home, employees can move far away from their office premises, which are generally high priced real estates, with this change requirement of internet services in outskirts will increase drastically as now one can work with google just on the basis of talent! You don’t need a Visa !, Google and Facebook just announced that all their employees do not need to come to office till 2021!. This change will have impact on real estate cost too and it might get corrected everywhere

Change in Food, Hygiene, Environment & work culture will definitely make a big impact of David’s life.

Hours spent in commuting will be available to spend the moments with his family and a happy David will always be more productive .

Certainly a new tomorrow is waiting for all of us. If today, we do what is important for now, our tomorrow will bring some important changes in our life.

Covid will go soon and David will be happy again!

Maybe, this time little more.

Till then, be home & be safe.

~ Cozebuzz

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  2. Lalit Bisht says:

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