Few years back, I was working on a art project organised by “Mumbai first” and “Making A difference-M.A.D” at Mumbai. It was a project of beautifying nearly 25 railway stations in mumbai.

‘My painting at Bandra Railway station ‘

While , being part of such an amazing project was a great experience. I also got the chance to interact with different generations passing by my site.

Each generation had approached me differently. It was quite evident that older people were  approaching me in order to appreciate my work and most of the younger people had very little value for art.

‘ This 75 years old lady was no less in enthusiasm ‘

Although there were few instances when a conversation started with a question and turned in to them helping me with my work. However, Most of them asked me if there was any use in doing what I was doing ?

So, Today I decided to find an answer to that question. Let’s, look in to art & history.

Historians and archaeologists have speculated that initially art has served religious purposes.

In a way even today religion is a key form of interaction between humans and art.

Chariot at Hampi, Karnataka, India.

Earlier civilisations have also used art to portray the world around them as realistically as possible. It is known that Art is a very important link between us and the man who walked on this earth centuries before.

Ancient art has been great help to our historians, archaeologists as well as scientists to get insights on human development.

Somnathpura, near Bangalore, India.

“I think that is the use of art.”

Art, can be an exact impression of how a person living in that era was experiencing his life. It can tell us much more than words and photos can covey in newspapers or documents, (which could very well be under political influence). Because an artist will never follow any restriction.

It has always been an important part of human existence and its growth until probably it started appearing for aesthetic purposes on day to day objects.

Since then machines took over the artisans in order to produce more and importance of true art started disappearing.

Mandu, Madhyapradesh, India.

It is also evident that ancient kings used to travel with their team of artisans around the world. Today, there are various examples of Portugal, Mughal, Hindu and many other architectural masterpieces around the world.

Today, when we are struggling with the question of survival. I think we need to take our art seriously. It is important to keep the mental balance in these tough times.

It is important to see life beyond just use of things around us , art helps us to blur the line between reality and the ideal world of dreams.

I think, ability to spend your time and energy to focus on something beautiful other than struggling to survive, is a great achievement.

For now, let’s hope that soon, we will blur the line between today’s reality and a beautiful ideal world.

~ Cozebuzz

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  1. Rakhee says:

    Nicely written Rohit…
    I just remember P.L. Deshpande’s quote
    “उपजिविकेसाठीआवश्यक असणाऱ्या विषयाचं शिक्षण जरुर घ्या. पोटापाण्याचा उद्योग जिद्दीनं करा, पण एवढ्यावरच थांबू नका. साहित्य, चित्र, संगीत, नाट्य, शिल्प, खेळ ह्यांतल्या एखाद्या तरी कलेशी मैत्री जमवा. पोटापाण्याचा उद्योग तुम्हाला जगवील, पण कलेशी जमलेली मैत्री तुम्ही का जगायचं हे सांगून जाईल.”
    – पु. ल.

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