10 tips to increase the vibrations in your home

Your home is where you experience life the most. The comfort of home food, the pleasure of relaxing in one’s home and the security of feeling ‘at home’ are unique. Increasing the vibrational space of your home can enhance these experiences and thus improve your well-being. Here are ten tips to do so.

1: Identifying your house’s type

Prior to making changes, a diagnosis of the current nature of your home is essential to decide what changes your home requires. You can zero-in on your home’s type using the following table.

Often your body type resembles your home type! Knowing your type helps you be aware of your natural tendencies, such as overly stuffing the house.

2: Welcome Home

Clean, well-lit and airy entrances accentuated with a few elements of beauty, such as flowers or an elegant nameplate, are more welcoming than intimidating gates, dingy entrances and hidden doors. Keeping shoes, umbrellas and household items out of sight is important.

3: Sound matters

Positive sounds can increase the vibrations in your home. You can play suitable music or preferred mantras, ring bells or tibetan bowls regularly, and hang wind-chimes. Selecting music according to your energetic needs like playing a soft piece at night, a lively (but not noisy) tune in the morning and meditative music for healing will benefit you. A classic example is the Om Mani Padme Hum chant, which heals the heart if played in your home. Coupled with basic cleanliness and some attention to other elements, the right sounds at the right time can significantly uplift the vibrations of your home.

4: Heaven on earth

Many of us give importance to the appearance of our home to guests. It is equally, if not more, important to make our home beautiful for us. Since we are going to be in all parts of the house, it is important to pay attention to all views and angles. For example, furniture that looks bad from the back needs to be addressed. The challenge is to view the same space from different angles and weave these different perspectives together in such a way that the character of the whole is highlighted.
Placing elements of beauty like paintings or even artistic household items, like table linen, in all areas of the house can increase the energy of your home. However one must not clutter any space with an overdose of things. Allow each thing to have its own space. Beauty lies in simplicity.

5: Keep breathing space between the furniture and the floor

Furniture that blocks floorspace, such as beds/tables which touch the floor also block the flow of air and energy. To keep your home light and airy, choose furniture that allows your house to breathe. An exception to this rule is certain Indian or Japanese furniture that are close to the floor. They are designed such that they do not deplete energy.

6: Let there be light

Allowing sunlight to enter all parts of your home will increase the vibrations of your home. Your bedroom, study/workspace and living area need to be naturally well-lit. Keep your curtains open, windows clean and avoid cluttering the space near windows or doors for the light to enter, unobstructed.

7: Smell well

Smell is an underrated sense which can affect your mood. Burn incense at least twice a day. This is not a religious ritual, hence incense can be burnt at the place you sit or work and not necessarily in front of religious objects. Burning camphor or sambrani when you feel low can lift your spirits. Lightly sprinkling scented water can also help. Remember to clean a space before enhancing its smell to maximise the vibration.

8: Don’t wait for cleaning

Cleanliness is godliness. If you find something really dirty, don’t put off the cleaning for the next day or for the routine cleaning. Clean up immediately. Your home is a living entity, treat it as such. You don’t wait to sneeze till you are supposed to go to the washroom. You don’t need to wait to clean till it is time to wash too. A clean space attracts positive vibes and the act of physical cleaning can help you mentally declutter too.

9: Honour spaces

Dining table is meant for eating, bed is meant for sleeping, study-table is meant for study and work and so on. Respect and honor the purpose of each space. The more you repeat the same act at the same space, the more that space becomes the home of that act, making it easier for you to repeat the activity and follow a routine. For example, if you study/work at the same place every day, the place begins to embody an energy of creativity and concentration. If you use your bed for working, it becomes difficult to fall asleep in the same place. Thus, it is important to honour the truth/the dharma of each place, each chair, each corner and each spot in the house.

10: Colour coding

Colours are directly linked to energy. Choose colours according to your nature and the purpose of a space. If you tend to be lazy, use warm colours like magenta, orange and yellow. However use neutral or soft colours for the bedroom. The shade you choose can also determine the energy emitted, so choose wisely. If you opt for a dark shade, use it on one wall in a room and complement it with muted shades. Too many colours can spoil the broth.

To sum up…

Observe the energy of each item in your house. Adding elements that invite positivity, clearing things that block positivity or radiate negativity and making changes according to your house-type can increase the vibrations of your house. Like Dorothy says, “There is no place like home!”. Invest in making it the best place of your life.

~ Divyanshi Chugh. ( Author)

~Nandita Shyamsundar ( Editor)

Divyanshi Chugh
Divyanshi Chugh

Divyanshi studied at Lady Shri Ram College and University of Oxford, and now lives in Auroville. At Auroville, she is an executive of Auroville Campus Initiative (ACI), SAIIER Dept. of Further Learning. She is involved in programme and curriculum design, facilitation and organisational management. She has been designing and facilitating several self-development programmes for youth based on the integral paradigm of psychology, yoga and education, grounded in the works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Svadhyaya and Swadharma are some of her popular programmes.

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